tirsdag 17. mai 2022

Xi Jinping Health Rumors Swirl As China's COVID Battle Continues

Rumors about the alleged poor health of China's leader, Xi Jinping have resurfaced once more, this time propelled to a fever pitch by a diasporic Chinese community that's as certain as ever about his unfitness to rule. Xi, a 68-year-old smoker, is said to have been diagnosed with a brain aneurysm but has refused surgery because of the risks, according to speculation carried by British tabloids the Daily Mail and The Sun last week. The head of state has chosen treatment with traditional Chinese medicines, said the reports.

According to India-based Asian News International, Xi's condition was discovered late last year. His every move has been scrutinized in the months since, with observers drawing parallels with the physical and mental state of Russian President Vladimir Putin—who is said to be "quite seriously ill."

The Mail and Sun reports are unsurprisingly unwelcome on China's main social media websites, including Weibo and WeChat, where a search for related keywords returned no results at the time of publication. But that hasn't stopped the rumor mill from spinning among the Chinese diaspora residing in the West, especially in North America.