tirsdag 3. mai 2022

Pacific nations walk geopolitical tightrope over Ukraine war, as nuclear legacy looms

Some Pacific island nations have been left walking a geopolitical tightrope in their response to the war in Ukraine, as they try to balance regional alliances with both the west and China and Russia. Comments by Russian president Vladimir Putin, which many have interpreted as thinly veiled threats about the potential use of nuclear weapons have also touched a nerve in a region long affected by the catastrophic effects of nuclear weapons testing by the US, France and Britain.

Pacific leaders have broadly lambasted the Russian assault, with the Federated States of Micronesia even going so far as to sever diplomatic ties with Russia the day after the invasion was launched. Micronesia’s president David Panuelo accused Moscow of engaging in “numerous war crimes,” writing, “There is no nuance in Russia’s behaviour; they are choosing to act as villains.”