tirsdag 12. april 2022

Woman Shares 'Horrific' Day of Shanghai's COVID Lockdown in Viral Clip

A video has gone viral on TikTok as a woman continues to document her experience living through Shanghai's current COVID lockdown as the city battles the highly contagious Omicron variant. TikToker @its__rochelle, whose first name is Rochelle, lives in Shanghai, China, and at the end of March began posting about the lockdown that went into effect on March 28—the first since the start of the pandemic, Newsweek previously reported.

Videos coming out of what has been dubbed a "dystopian" lockdown began circulating in March and continue to this week including those from @its__rochelle. On Monday afternoon, local time, Rochelle posted a video from "lockdown day 10" which she called the "most horrific day so far," in the video's caption. The video has now been viewed over 1 million times. On Sunday, Shanghai recorded nearly 25,000 new cases of COVID infection on the ninth straight day of rising case numbers, according to South China Morning Post.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began over two years ago, the virus has killed millions of people globally.