onsdag 20. april 2022

What the PLA Is Learning From Russia’s Ukraine Invasion

On February 24, Russia invaded Ukraine in what Moscow calls a “special military operation.” The ongoing war has already had a great impact on the whole world. China, in particular, has become a focus of attention in the international community because of its close interactions with Russia in recent years. Its stance on the armed conflict in Ukraine is a matter of great concern to many countries, especially to Western ones.

Militarily, the war will leave a lasting impact. Although the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), acting on lessons learned from the 2003 Iraq War, has built joint operations capabilities in the style of U.S. forces and has come up with its own version, known as integrated joint operations, China’s military remains structurally under the influence of the Russian military. This helps explain why in the PLA’s most recent round of reforms in 2016, there were discernible traces of influence from Russia’s previous military restructuring of the same kind. Because of that, Russian forces’ performance on the battlefield in Ukraine has become a case study for the PLA to glean lessons from.