lørdag 23. april 2022

Ukraine War Will Change China's Invasion Plans—Taiwan Defense Minister

The challenges faced by Russia throughout its invasion of Ukraine will force China to change its own invasion playbook, Taiwan's defense minister said on Wednesday. The consensus among military strategists is that, as with the Kremlin, the leadership in Beijing plans for a swift and decisive victory when it moves to annex neighboring Taiwan in the future. However, many believe Russia's lack of progress, and Ukraine's resistance in particular, has given China pause for thought.

Some analysts believe Beijing will conclude that only heavy saturation strikes and air supremacy against the island could provide the upper hand China would need for its forces to cross the strait to invade and occupy the densely populated Taiwanese cities. Others say Xi Jinping, requiring a political achievement to justify his third term as leader, may turn to capturing one of Taiwan's outlying islands instead, as Vladimir Putin did with Crimea or the Donbas, with little pushback from the West.

"The Russia-Ukraine war has informed all countries, including our own, and our enemy is no exception," said Chiu Kuo-cheng, Taiwan's defense minister. "We must continue to monitor [the situation] closely. We have a very good opportunity to learn, and we will use it."