torsdag 14. april 2022

Ukraine Crisis Exposes U.S. As 'Bully,' China's Leading Party Paper Says

China is doubling down on its portrayal of the United States as the main cause of the war in Ukraine, with its most prominent newspaper criticizing the West in general and America in particular for attempting to make Beijing pick a side. In Monday's People's Daily, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)'s flagship paper, a page 3 editorial continues an anti-American series by "Zhong Sheng," the Chinese leadership's pen name when writing on international affairs. Part 10 of the series declares: "U.S. is trampling on international order by stoking bloc confrontation."

"Since the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the U.S., instead of promoting peace talks, has taken the conflict as an opportunity to heighten an atmosphere of the friend-enemy binary narrative," the paper says.

"Some politicians in the U.S. have deliberately stressed 'the West,' claimed that 'the West is now stronger and more united than it has ever been,' and praised the U.S. as a defender of rules-based international order, while unscrupulously coercing other countries into taking sides, attempting to make other countries irrevocably committed to its own ideology," the People's Daily argues in the April 11 column.