fredag 22. april 2022

Tibet builds makeshift Covid hospitals despite one case since pandemic began

Authorities in Tibet are building massive Covid isolation and care facilities in anticipation of further outbreaks in China even though the remote territory has reported only one case during the pandemic.

Temporary hospitals – a key feature of China’s Covid response – with at least 1,000 beds each are being built in Lhasa and Shigatse by the Chinese firm Jiangsu Qi’an Construction Group. The firm said it had been tasked with building the hospitals in late March and given “less than half a month” to complete them. More than 400 personnel are working across three shifts to get the job done.

The development in Tibet, which has been governed as an autonomous region of China since it was annexed in the 1950s, came as Shanghai declared some districts to be Covid-free at the social level, meaning all cases were found inside quarantined facilities, raising hopes that the city had turned a corner and could soon emerge from lockdown. However, authorities said on Thursday afternoon that tough restrictions would stay in place across the city, including those districts that had contained the spread.