mandag 11. april 2022

Shanghai warns people against 'rumor-mongering' as online pleas for food grow

Authorities in Shanghai on Friday warned the city's 26 million residents not to post 'rumors' online amid growing public anger over food shortages amid a citywide COVID-19 lockdown. "The Cyberspace Administration of the municipal [ruling Chinese Communist] Party Committee reminds social media group chat members and moderators that ... it is especially necessary in the current situation to prevent the spread of all kinds of rumors, false information or fear-mongering," the municipal government said in a post to its official Weibo account.

"[Social media users] must not make up rumors to cause trouble or for the purposes of grandstanding," it said. "We will continue to work with police and other departments to track down rumor-makers and those who deliberately spread rumors, working from public tip-offs and online investigations, and punish them according to law," the message said.

The warning came after Shanghai police denied an online report that the authorities had banned group-buying practices among locked-down residents, who have been complaining of food shortages due to a lack of takeout services and inadequate fresh supplies from the government.