onsdag 13. april 2022

Seriously ill patients die after being denied hospital care in Shanghai lockdown

Patients in Shanghai are being locked out of life-saving medical treatment as the city pushes ahead with Xi Jinping's zero-COVID policy, RFA has learned. As large swathes of the city remain under lockdown and thousands of new infections are reported every day, hospitals are increasingly closing their doors to patients, even those in need of dialysis and cancer treatment.

Jiading district resident Wang Zhumin's 77-year-old father -- who would typically need dialysis three times a week -- hasn't been able to get it for seven days, she said. "I keep seeking out the neighborhood committee and the municipal government, but they tell me they can't get him into Jiading Central Hospital, and that we can't come in," Wang said. "I said, so does that mean he has to stay home and wait for death?"

Wang's father once received dialysis three times a week at Haihua Hospital near his home, but that facility was initially hit by staff shortages and a lack of beds, then announced it was shutting down the dialysis clinic because of a COVID-19 outbreak.