fredag 8. april 2022

Opinion: Why Xi can't quit zero-Covid

Those hoping China relaxes its zero-Covid policy would have been deeply disappointed with Vice Premier Sun Chunlan's loud and clear signal that an end was nowhere near in sight, during a visit to virus hotspot Shanghai last week. China, she declared, would be clinging to its "dynamic zero-Covid" strategy "without hesitation or wavering." Unsurprisingly, we are seeing Shanghai -- well known for its targeted and flexible approach to the pandemic -- now turning to draconian measures to control the virus.

In addition to multiple rounds of city-wide mass testing and lockdown of 25 million residents, it is relocating close contacts and sub-close contacts to other cities. And building perhaps the world's largest quarantine center, with 40,000 beds. Covid-positive kids under quarantine were separated from their parents. On Wednesday, a person in a hazmat suit reportedly intentionally killed a corgi in the street, for fear of the dog spreading the virus after the owner was taken into quarantine after testing positive.