fredag 22. april 2022

Many factory workers in Shanghai can't get back to work, even after Covid controls ease

Foreign businesses are struggling to bring workers back to factories after weeks of lockdowns in Shanghai, as the country battles its worst Covid outbreak since the pandemic began. Nearly a month since Covid restrictions began in earnest in Shanghai, U.S. and European businesses say that less than half of their employees are able to return to work.

Since March, mainland China has imposed travel restrictions and stay-home orders in economic hubs from the southern city of Shenzhen to the northern province of Jilin. The extent of Covid controls has varied by region. Lockdowns in the southeastern metropolis of Shanghai, which began at scale in late March, have been among the most disruptive — to daily life, and to foreign businesses and their supply chains. The city accounts for about 3.8% of China's GDP but is home to the world's busiest port.