fredag 8. april 2022

John Lee: the hardline security official leading race to become Hong Kong chief

John Lee, a career police officer turned hardline security official, is running unopposed to take over the top job in Hong Kong’s elections next month. As the sole candidate with Beijing’s blessing, he is all but guaranteed to become the next chief executive, according to local media reports.

Lee announced his intention to run after stepping down on Wednesday from his post as chief secretary, the city’s second-highest post, less than a year after he was promoted to the position from top security official. Carrie Lam, who currently holds the position, announced on Monday she would not be seeking a second term. Observers say Beijing’s apparent choice of Lee, who as the city’s top security official oversaw the government’s strong-handed response to the 2019 pro-democracy protests and the first year of its national security crackdown, is a sign the Chinese leadership is gearing the governance of the city towards a focus on national security above all else – including its economy and a housing crisis.