tirsdag 12. april 2022

Imran Khan supporters point finger over downfall

Tens of thousands of Imran Khan supporters took to the streets on Sunday night after the former Pakistani prime minister called for peaceful protests following his removal from office. The tumultuous political drama looks set to continue - but who do his followers blame for his downfall? "I think Imran Khan is the only honest guy left," Nadia Humaiyun, 34, told the BBC. "He's the only one we can trust and we do not want to be ruled by these traitors."

Mr Khan has alleged the opposition's move to hold a vote of no confidence against him was part of a US-led conspiracy, targeting him because of his foreign policy decisions including a recent trip to Moscow that angered Western officials. Opposition politicians have reacted angrily, accusing Mr Khan of cynically manipulating the public in order to try and remain in power, despite having lost the support of parliament.