fredag 1. april 2022

Haryana: India's ambitious child brides who dare to dream

Photojournalist Ruhani Kaur traces the story of three child brides from the northern Indian state of Haryana who dream of studying and working against all odds. Priyanka, Meenakshi and Shiwani grew up in Damdama, an urban village that is home to Gujjars, an influential agricultural community. Their village is less than half an hour from Gurgaon, an upscale suburb of India's capital, Delhi. The girls, around 16 years old, have been friends since childhood. They are also child brides - one got married when she was just 10. It is illegal for girls under the age of 18 to marry in India. But the practice still continues in many parts of the country due to patriarchy and poverty.