søndag 3. april 2022

‘Cornered tiger’ Imran Khan makes last-ditch bid to cling to political power

Standing before tens of thousands of supporters, waving flags bearing his party’s red and green logo, Imran Khan railed against the “foreign conspiracy” to dislodge his government. Supporters had travelled from across the country for the rally last weekend, pouring into the capital, Islamabad, in cars and buses to express their support as Khan fights for his political life. “Funding is being channelled into Pakistan from abroad in an attempt to change the government,” he told the cheering crowd. “Our own people are being used.”

On Thursday, he reiterated the claim of foreign interference in a live televised address, stating: “America threatened me.” (The US government denies any involvement). But for all this bluster, Khan’s problems are closer to home. “We’ve seen months of political instability, political recriminations and economic mismanagement,” says Farzana Shaikh, an associate fellow at Chatham House. “Things had to come to a head.”