tirsdag 19. april 2022

China War With U.S. on the Horizon, Chief Propagandist Says

One of China's most well-know state media personalities has called for a sea change in the public's attitude on war with the United States, a prospect he believes is increasingly likely over Taiwan. In a commentary published on Saturday, Hu Xijin, the former editor of nationalistictabloid the Global Times, describes a "real sense of crisis in Taiwan," where he says the public is more psychologically prepared for war than China.

"As the situation in the Taiwan Strait deteriorates, we must prepare for a military struggle," Hu wrote, urging Chinese citizens to be "ready to face major challenges and hardships" as a result of a hypothetical U.S.-China clash over the orientation of Taiwan, an independent state with limited recognition, which Beijing claims is part of its territory.

Hu, who rose to become the country's chief propagandist by way of recognition in the West, was writing in the aftermath of a high-level visit to Taiwan by senior members of Congress. China responded to the bipartisan delegation—led by Republican Lindsey Graham and featuring Democrat Bob Menendez, among others—by announcing a series of military drills targeting the island.