lørdag 26. mars 2022

With Fresh Urgency, China Pleads With Seniors to Get Vaccinated

Chinese vaccines have been proven safe and effective. But older citizens remain reluctant despite a surge of Omicron cases. In one city, health officials are going door-to-door to reach people with limited mobility. In another, vaccination sites are being opened closer to communities with many older adults. All over the country, public announcements call on seniors to reconsider their hesitancy.

“All senior citizens, take action immediately and proactively answer the call to get vaccinated,” the health authorities of Tongzhou, a district in the eastern city Nantong, said in an open letter that was published along posters of smiling grandparents with their sleeves rolled up.

As China’s health care system is at risk of being overwhelmed by the country’s worst COVID-19 wave since the initial outbreak, with more than 40,000 infections over the past month, older people have become the focus of a renewed inoculation campaign.