onsdag 2. mars 2022

The Ukraine Invasion: What Lessons Is China Learning?

In the morning of February 24, Russian military forces launched a comprehensive invasion of Ukraine, and Western governments immediately announced a new round of sanctionsagainst Russia. Beijing’s public statements have been as ambiguous as ever, expressing respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries, yet at the same time expressing understanding of Russia’s security concerns, and refraining from calling the military action an “invasion.”

Driven by the need to jointly confront the United States, China has chosen to form a strategic alliance with Russia. Just before the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin met, and the two sides signed 15 significant cooperation agreements covering a wide range of geopolitical and trade areas. On the very day of Russia’s invasion, China announced that it would allow wheat imports from Russia. This kind of cooperation at such a time is undoubtedly an expression of commitment to and support of Putin, which increases his confidence in his aggression against Ukraine and Russia’s ability to resist Western economic sanctions.