fredag 11. mars 2022

Taiwan minister: China war a disaster regardless of outcome

A conflict with China, which threatens to invade Taiwan, would be a disaster for all sides regardless of the outcome, the island’s defense minister said Thursday. China has largely backed Russia in invading Ukraine, a conflict that has echoes in Beijing’s approach to Taiwan, the self-governing island democracy that it claims as Chinese territory, to be annexed by force if necessary. “Nobody wants a war,” Taiwanese Defense Minister Chiu Kuo-cheng told reporters. “It really has to be thoroughly thought over.”

“If you really went to war, it would be disastrous for all,” Chiu said. He said Taiwan’s defense establishment “watches and listens but we keep our mouths shut. We are following developments and preparing ourselves but we don’t openly discuss or debate.”

At the annual meetings of China’s rubber-stamp legislature, the National People’s Congress, and its advisory body this week in Beijing, delegates criticized what they called foreign influence and separatism in Taiwan while increasing China’s legal and financial might to counter Taiwan support.