fredag 11. mars 2022

Nearly 30% think China likely to have spread Covid on purpose, UK poll finds

More than a quarter of people believe Covid-19 was likely to have been a biological weapon intentionally spread by the Chinese state, according to a new UK poll highlighting the spread of conspiracy theories. The findings are contained in a major report by the campaign group Hope Not Hate (HNH) warning that the rise of Covid conspiracy theories and the antilockdown movement are recruiting young people to far-right ideas and movements. It also says the economic hardship of the past year and worries about the future have created an environment in which far-right activists may return to the streets.

The same polling, commissioned as part of the annual State of Hate report, highlighted that faith in democracy and the political establishment was extremely low. A total of 1,492 people were surveyed by Focaldata on 25-26 February, though it remained to be seen whether Russia’s invasion of Ukraine would affect support for democratic values.

More than half of people (57%) were not satisfied with the way democracy was working in the UK, while 58% believed that getting involved in politics was “a waste of time because nothing changes”.