fredag 11. mars 2022

How South Korea's new president could shake up the region

South Korea's new president is taking power at a turbulent time for the country and the path he carves could shake up the region. Conservative Yoon Suk Yeol of the People Power Party secured the election by a razor-thin margin Wednesday, pulling ahead of rival Lee Jae-myung by less than one percentage point.
Yoon is a newcomer to politics, having spent the last 27 years of his career as a prosecutor -- but he will face an array of challenges when he replaces liberal incumbent President Moon Jae-in in the Blue House on May 10.

Threats from North Korea are high on the agenda -- as well as rising tensions between South Korea's partners, the US and China. Yoon will have his hands full with domestic issues as well, with a growing "gender war" and surging Covid-19 cases. Here's what a Yoon presidency could mean for South Korea.