mandag 14. mars 2022

China shuts down city of 17.5m people in bid to halt Covid outbreak

China’s government has locked down Shenzhen, a city of 17.5 million people, as it tries to contain its worst ever Covid-19 outbreak across multiple provinces, with case numbers tripling from Saturday to Sunday. A government notice on Sunday said all residential communities were now under “closed management”, meaning they would be locked down. Every resident would undergo three rounds of testing, for which they were allowed to leave their homes, and all buses and subways were suspended.

All businesses in the finance and technology hub, which borders Hong Kong, were ordered to close or work from home unless they supplied food, utilities, or other necessities, according to the notice. On Monday afternoon Foxconn, which produces iPhones for Apple, announced it was among businesses suspending operations in Shenzhen. Its larger production site in Zhengzhou remains open, and the company said it would reopen when advised by the local government.

No one can leave the city except in special circumstances and with a negative test result obtained within 24 hours prior to exit. Local communities and residences had established monitoring teams with a “warm-hearted service hotline”, it said.