lørdag 26. mars 2022

China Eastern Airlines grounds 223 Boeing 737-800 aircraft after crash

China Eastern Airlines is grounding dozens of aircraft after a deadly crash earlier this week. The airline and its subsidiaries have temporarily grounded 223 Boeing 737-800 aircraft, airline spokesperson Liu Xiaodong said in a press conference on Thursday. The same type of plane was involved in the crash. The grounded aircraft are undergoing safety inspection and maintenance to ensure that they are safe to fly, Liu said. The airline launched a sweeping safety overhaul after the crash, he added.

The move comes days after China Eastern Airlines flight 5735 crashed in a remote, mountainous region in the south of the country as it flew from Kunming to Guangzhou, in China's worst air disaster in more than a decade. The flight had 132 people on board. No survivors had been found after a third day of search efforts, Chinese investigators said Wednesday.