onsdag 9. mars 2022

China builds new bridge to Hong Kong to rush in workers as Covid cases surge

A temporary bridge linking Shenzhen and Hong Kong has been erected to help workers and materials from the mainland to enter the city as work began on a Covid-19 makeshift hospital to relieve pressure on the city’s overwhelmed medical system.

Almost 2,000 Chinese contractors from the China State Construction Engineering are in Hong Kong this week to build the makeshift facility near Hong Kong’s border with the mainland, which is expected to provide 1,000 more hospital beds and quarantine rooms for up to 10,000 people. The bridge, constructed over the weekend to combat the city’s soaring hospitalisations, was authorised by the city’s number two official under the city’s emergency situation legislation and will be pulled down once the facility is complete, according to officials. Chinese construction support will also take place at nine other facilities across the city.

As Hong Kong struggles with a devastating fifth wave, authorities have heavily relied on Beijing for support. Doctors and nurses from the mainland have also been allowed to work in the city, while Beijing has provided 29m rapid antigen tests and 54m masks as of Tuesday.