lørdag 19. mars 2022

Biden warns China's Xi of consequences for support of Russian invasion

U.S. President Joe Biden warned Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday that Beijing will face serious consequences if it offers support for Russia's invasion of Ukraine, according to White House officials. During a two-hour video call, Xi told Biden that China has no interest in a crisis in Ukraine and said talks should take place between NATO countries and Moscow to address the concerns of all stakeholders, according to Chinese state media reports. No mention was made by the Chinese leader of Russia's role in sparking the conflict.

But senior Biden administration officials later described the call as more "direct," and told reporters that the two leaders "spent the preponderance of their time discussing Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified invasion of Ukraine.” The officials said Biden made clear to Xi that Beijing's support for Moscow in the conflict would have consequences for U.S.-China relations and the "international order," without providing details.