fredag 18. mars 2022

As China Loses Zero-COVID Battle, It Switches Tactics for Trolling America

China waged a more successful war against COVID-19 for much of the two years since the global pandemic broke out, but that changed recently. As infections have dropped drastically in the U.S. in recent weeks, China has been hit with a dramatic new COVID surge brought on by the Omicron variant.

The change in fortunes have also brought a shift in China's rhetoric. Officials from the Communist country had previously chastised the U.S. approach to the pandemic while boasting about its strict zero-COVID policy that includes strict safety measures and immediate lockdowns. In recent weeks, though, various authorities from China now bring up America's high inflation or the war in Ukraine as themes in attacking the U.S.

China's National Health Commission reported 1,226 new domestically transmitted COVID-19 infections with confirmed symptoms for Wednesday, which marked a slight decline from 1,860 a day earlier. However, over the past 10 weeks, China has reported more new local symptomatic cases (over 14,000) than it recorded for all of 2021, Reuters reported.