onsdag 23. mars 2022

A run through the snow, PCR tests and no guests: a wedding in China’s Covid lockdown

When Amanda Liu Chang and Jia Shihan grow old, they can tell their family members of the time they got married in the middle of a pandemic, Liu having to trudge with her wedding dress through the snow. The story began on 19 March when the couple awoke in their respective Tangshan city apartments in China’s Hebei province, looking forward to formalising their three-year romance with family and friends. But unknown to them, authorities had locked down Jia’s gated neighbourhood overnight, banning all residents from leaving, after some had tested positive for Covid-19.

In keeping with custom, Jia had planned to pick up his fiance from her home at 6am.

“When I tried to go outside our neighbourhood, our guard said we can’t go out at this time, that we’re isolated,” Jia told the Guardian. He phoned Liu with the bad news.

“At that second I knew our wedding and everything could not be held. So I decided if he cannot get out I will come for him,” Liu says.