onsdag 9. februar 2022

Zhu Yi: US-born Chinese Olympic figure skater slated in China after falls

Chinese figure skater Zhu Yi has faced increasing criticism on Chinese social media, after falling several times during her Olympic team event skates. The debut of the US-born athlete on Sunday saw her fail to land jumps, pushing Team China out of the medals. A second performance on Monday, where she fell twice, earned more criticism. Her performance was called shameful and embarrassing by some, with personal attacks made on her background and her poor grasp of Mandarin.

The criticism also appeared to be linked to discontent that the skater, who was raised in the US, was allegedly chosen for the team event over Chinese-born skaters. Many questioned why the 19-year-old had been chosen and made groundless claims that Ms Zhu had been favoured because her father is a prominent scientist.