onsdag 2. februar 2022

Video of woman chained to wall in shack causes outcry in China

A video of a woman apparently locked against her will in a filthy shack has gone viral in China, prompting an investigation as well as a conversation about the country’s treatment of people with mental illness. The footage, taken on 26 January, was posted to the video-sharing site Douyin the following day by a man who was shocked to find the woman locked in the rubbish-filled building in a village in Jiangsu province in the east of the country.

Standing in freezing conditions, the woman appeared to be chained by her neck to a concrete wall and she seemed dazed as she struggled to speak coherently. A video of the man who had apparently locked up the woman was posted later. As a small boy stood next to him, the man said the woman had multiple children with him, some of whom introduced themselves in the video. “Other people looked down on her,” he said, explaining why his family had taken her in.