mandag 28. februar 2022

China's reaction to Ukraine could be putting its citizens in danger

Chinese citizens in Ukraine find themselves in a tense situation as plans for an evacuation from the war-torn country -- set in motion weeks after Western nations urged their citizens to leave -- have stalled, leaving those who remain wary about potential backlash over China's reaction to the Russian invasion. A plan for charter flights to evacuate citizens out of Ukraine was put on hold over the weekend as fighting in the country intensified, with China's top envoy in Kyiv saying late Saturday that citizens now needed to "wait until it's safe to go."

"There are missiles in the air, explosions and guns on the ground, and the two armies are fighting each other...How is it possible to ensure safety (to leave) in such circumstances?" Ambassador Fan Xianrong said in a video posted to the embassy's social media account on Saturday, three days after the Embassy released plans for evacuate flights.