onsdag 23. februar 2022

China’s dating shows for over-65s challenge taboos about older people and sex

Standing before the studio audience the slim older man holds a microphone in front of his blue polo shirt, buttoned to the neck. Wang Qingming seems a little nervous as he faces his prospective date, a formidable looking woman with long black hair piled in a loose bun, her name tag obscured.

“What bad habits do you have?” he asks.

“I’m hungry,” she replies to laughter. “But no mahjong, no smoking, no drinking.”

Asked about her health the woman says her physical condition is good, “but I can’t get pregnant now”, again prompting laughs. He boasts he hasn’t taken medication in a year, she proudly retorts that for her it’s been two. For her turn, she grills him about chores and finances, securing the offer of an allowance, and eventually the two hold hands as they walk to the back of the stage.