lørdag 19. februar 2022

China's COVID Policy Not Working in Hong Kong As City Sees Over 6K Cases

Hong Kong is struggling to contain a COVID outbreak using China's "zero tolerance" policy as the city reported over 6,000 new cases Thursday and officials said Hong Kong's hospitals are at 90 percent capacity and other quarantine locations are reaching their limits.

Hong Kong's current COVID policy requires anyone who tests positive to be admitted to a hospital or quarantine facility for at least seven days and discharge is dependent on what symptoms a person has and whether they begin testing negative, according to the Associated Press. Officials said they will likely continue to alter the isolation policies to help lift some of the pressure off of hospitals and other facilities, the AP reported.

"Because of the severe number of cases we need to speed up admission to hospitals and community isolation facilities," Undersecretary for Food and Health Chui Tak-yi told reporters. "The government is trying to ease all these bottlenecks."