mandag 28. februar 2022

As tensions simmer, China demands US action to improve ties

China’s top diplomat called on the U.S. Monday to take steps to improve ties, as tensions simmer over Taiwan, trade and other issues. Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s remarks Monday were delivered virtually to a forum marking the 50th anniversary of the Shanghai Communique signed during the icebreaking 1972 visit to China by President Richard Nixon. That trip led seven years later to the U.S. and China establishing diplomatic relations, upon which the U.S. cut formal ties with Taiwan, which China claims as its own territory to be brought under its control by force if necessary.

Wang urged Washington to “reinstate a reasonable and pragmatic China policy” and work with China to put their relations on track. He reiterated China’s complaints that the U.S. was not upholding its commitments but didn’t mention any specific steps China would take.

The sides need to view their relations “in the broader perspective, with a more inclusive attitude, and choose dialogue over confrontation, cooperation over conflict, openness over seclusion, and integration over decoupling,” Wang said.