torsdag 10. februar 2022

After video of shackled woman shocks China, similar case emerges in same village

After a video of a woman shackled to the wall of a shed caused public uproar over the Lunar New Year, a video shot by the same social media user in the same village showing a second woman in an apparently similar situation has emerged. In a since-deleted video posted to China's TikTok equivalent Douyin, a woman in Feng county's Dongji village is seen lying on the dirt floor of a home. She appears to be unable to communicate clearly.

According to the vlogger, who goes by Xuzhou Brother Yixiu, the woman, surnamed Zhong, had been lying on the floor for 20 years. In the first video shot in the Jiangsu province village, which went viral earlier this month, the shackled woman is also apparently unable to communicate well. The county authorities have released statements on the first case, in which they say that the mother of eight previously spent time in a mental hospital and that the police were looking into whether her husband had broken the law.

According to Dongji residents, the second woman, surnamed Zhong, is the mother of two children, one of whom is now an adult.