onsdag 5. januar 2022

Xi’an Residents Anxious as City Enters Day 13 of COVID-19 Lockdown

As the northwestern city of Xi’an entered its 13th day of lockdownimposed to curb the spread of COVID-19, residents shared anguished stories similar to those that emerged during the initial outbreak in early 2020. Several residents complained online of the difficulties in securing food supplies, even after local authorities promised free door-to-door food delivery on Dec. 28, five days after they were placed in lockdown. Though food delivery workers are allowed to operate, many said the food delivery platforms were either out of stock or there were no couriers available.

At many of the city’s hospitals, locals with non-coronavirus-related ailments struggled to receive proper medical treatments, according to domestic media reports. As hospitals largely remain under strict COVID protocols, there were reports of kidney patientsstruggling to access dialysis treatment, a pregnant woman unable to find a hospital for delivery, and — via a screenshot of a now deleted social media post that went viral — a man who died of heart attack after not being able to receive timely treatment.