lørdag 1. januar 2022

Xi'an: Cries for help and food in quarantined Chinese city

Some residents under lockdown in the Chinese city of Xi'an say they do not have enough food, even as officials insist there are adequate supplies. More than 13 million were ordered to stay at home last week as authorities sought to battle a Covid outbreak. But compared to other lockdowns globally, locals cannot go out even for essential reasons like buying food.

The government is delivering supplies but many on social media say they are yet to receive them and are struggling. The lockdown on the northern city of Xi'an is in its ninth day. The city's outbreak is the worst China has seen in months amid its zero-Covid strategy.

Initially, the restrictions had allowed one person per household to venture out once every two days to buy food and other basic supplies. But the rules were tightened on Monday - banning residents from leaving at all except to get tested for Covid-19. In past days, people have taken to the Weibo social media platform to call for help with getting food and other essentials. Many said they hadn't received their government supplies yet.