fredag 28. januar 2022

Winter Olympics: Global sponsors quiet ahead of Beijing Games

Next month's Winter Olympics is a huge marketing opportunity for sponsors - a showcase for brands. However, Beijing 2022 is also causing a huge headache for the 13 official corporate partners of the Games. Stuck in the middle of a diplomatic spat between the US and China - many are choosing to stay silent.

The US, UK, Australia and Canada are among the countries making a diplomatic boycott of the Games, although their athletes will still participate. Those country's governments have criticised China for alleged human rights violations against its minority Uyghur population, and its actions in Tibet and Hong Kong. BBC analysis shows a dramatic reduction in tweets referring to the Games from the Olympics' global sponsors - as compared to last year's Summer Games in Tokyo. The BBC also approached all 13 Olympic partners for comment on accusations of China human rights abuses. None responded directly to the allegations.