mandag 31. januar 2022

‘We will not stay quiet’: Taiwan’s warning to Beijing ahead of the Games

In his first newspaper interview of the year, Joseph Wu told The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age that China’s military incursions were “becoming more intimidating than ever” forcing Taiwan’s defence force to target Chinese bombers with ground radars and air defence missiles. “We don’t lock onto them because this will be considered a very hostile act, but we continue to monitor them in case they are coming too close, or they become more threatening, we would be able to take action at any time,” he said.

The rising risk of confrontation and accidental escalation follows months of Chinese intimidation of Taiwan’s air defence identification zone. The zone, which covers most of the Taiwan Strait, was threatened by more than 1000 People’s Liberation Army warplanes in 2021. On Sunday last week, 34 fighter jets and a bomber flew towards Taiwan in China’s largest military incursion so far this year. Taiwan has started escalating its war scenarios, scrambling air force jets into the sky in January to show it is ready for combat.