søndag 16. januar 2022

Vietnam And Philippines Hedging Against China And US Interests In The South China Sea

South China Sea is situated in the western edge of Pacific Ocean (Ma, 2016). It is the busiest sea for trade and multiple activities of the regional as well as other regional countries. Chinese claimed that China had ruled in South China Sea with Paracel and Spratly Islands from 200 BC. British were the first who initiated navigation and geo-survey of the islands of the South China Sea in 1762-1802 and 1805 and published the map of the South China Sea with its different features.

It was Richard Spratly who visited Spratly Islands of South China Sea near Philippines in 1843 and gave his name to these islands. British did not show interest in these islands because these islands have no attraction and economic charm in those days. China and Vietnam have conflict over Paracel and Spratly Islands in the SCS whereas Philippine, Malaysia and Brunei have claim over Spratly Islands due to the part of their Exclusive Economic Zone. China claims that this sea has remained in effective control of Chinese government from Han dynasty (206 BC to 9 AD) till 1933 when France intervene and occupied the Spratly Island. China got control over Spratly and Paracel Island after the Second World War.