lørdag 8. januar 2022

The US Navy Would Freak Out: What If China Blockaded Taiwan?

Could China Blockade Taiwan? What Would the US Navy Do? Perhaps no where in the world are geopolitical tensions higher today than the Taiwan Strait. Over the past several years, China has toughened its rhetoric toward the self-governing island, which Beijing considers a breakaway province.

Chinese forces have conducted a number of live-fire drills that appear directed at Taiwan, and Chinese military flights across the median line in the Taiwan Strait and into Taipei’s air-defense identification zone have hit record levels. The US has sailed warships through the strait at least five times since President Joe Biden took office in January, drawing protests from Beijing. Japan, alongside the US, has expressed support for Taiwan, and Australia is reportedly considering how to help if there is an invasion.

Much of the focus has been on military preparations for deterring or fighting off a Chinese invasion. While essential, that focus misses an important threat short of a full-scale invasion: a blockade.