lørdag 8. januar 2022

Take a look inside the new driverless bullet train China just unveiled for the Olympics

China is pulling out all the stops for the Beijing Games, unveiling a new bullet train just for the Olympics. The driverless Fuxing bullet train travels at speeds of 217 miles per hour and can carry 564 passengers per trip in its eight carriages. It is being put on the tracks just in time for the Beijing Games, to ferry passengers along the 108-mile journey between the Chinese capital and satellite venues in the city of Zhangjiakou,

According to the state-linked Xinhua News, the train was custom-made for the Beijing Games. It comes outfitted with a 5G-linked broadcast studio from which journalists can broadcast. Xinhua reported that the train would take just 50 minutes to move its passengers from Beijing's downtown district to the Olympic venues in Zhangjiakou, down from three hours via a regular express train.