mandag 3. januar 2022

Snøhetta Designs a "Forest of Knowledge" Library in Beijing

Following an international design competition win in 2018, Snøhetta and ECADI have been commissioned to design a new sub-center library in Beijing, offering visitors a contemporary space for learning and sharing knowledge while celebrating the rich cultural China and its capital. The library sets new standards for traditional library designs, featuring technology-driven designs and locally-sourced materials, as well as a glass enclosure of up to 16 meters, which will be China’s first self-supporting glass facade project.

Using openness and inclusion as spatial concepts, the library was designed to ensure learning, information exchange, and open discussions in a space that celebrates the country's rich history of science, art, and performance. These concepts were emphasized by a large common space as the center of the library, highlighted by a grand forest-inspired canopy that covers and permeates throughout the whole library. Because of the transparent building façade, the interactions taking place inside the library are visible to passers-by, inviting them into the amphitheater-like open space.