torsdag 27. januar 2022

Liu Xuezhou: Outrage over death of 'twice abandoned' China teen

A Chinese teenager who was sold by his parents as a baby, and reportedly rejected by them after a recent reunion, has died. Liu Xuezhou apparently took his own life in Hainan province on Monday morning, according to reports. His story has gripped China and prompted an outpouring of sympathy.

The 17-year-old's story first came to national attention after he posted a video asking for help finding his biological family. According to media reports, Liu was sold by his biological parents in 2005 and was taken in by another family. However, his adoptive parents later died in an accident, and he spent most of his life with his grandparents and other relatives. In December last year the 17-year-old managed to track down his birth parents, who had since divorced and remarried, after he started an online search. Mr Liu said on social media that it had been a happy reunion at first - but things took a turn after he reportedly claimed he needed financial help.