torsdag 13. januar 2022

Lithuanians overwhelmingly oppose Vilnius’ policy on China, poll shows

Just 13 per cent of Lithuanians support Vilnius’ hardline policy toward China, according to a government poll that adds to the pressure mounting on its foreign ministry. In a survey conducted by a private company on behalf of the ministry, just 1 per cent of respondents rated Lithuania’s “value-based” policy towards China “very positively”, with 12 per cent viewing it “positively”.

Conversely, 21 per cent said they felt “very negatively” and 37 per cent “negatively” about a policy that has seen Vilnius bolster its ties with Taiwan, the self-governed island that Beijing views as a renegade province. The survey was conducted last month, around the time that China’s unofficial economic retaliation for the policy first became clear. The survey results were first reported by the local online news portal 15 Minutes.