onsdag 19. januar 2022

‘In Kabul there’s no justice’: the female student who fled to Pakistan

I currently live in Pakistan with my family. Before I left Afghanistan, I was working as a programme administrator for an NGO and I also studied business at university. When the Taliban took over, I had no certain future. My education was not clear; my school was closed.

I was happy before the Taliban took over. This semester we were supposed to have in-person classes. We had online classes because of the coronavirus, but it was so difficult because we didn’t have a good internet connection. So I was like a child preparing for the first day of school when we got told we could come back to the class. I was so happy and ready to go and sit in my class and learn. What followed was worse than I could ever imagine.

I never thought that everything could vanish like that. My sister is in grade 12 and supposed to graduate high school. But after the collapse of Kabul, we had no choice but to leave. I don’t see any future for her. When I see her, my tears come. I can’t control them. She does not have any future and as a sister I can’t do anything for her.