torsdag 27. januar 2022

In dealing with ‘friend’ China, Marcos will set aside Hague win and US treaty

Presidential aspirant Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr looks prepared to set aside the historic arbiration win of the Philippines in The Hague to continue engaging the Chinese, whom he repeatedly called “friends” in a series of media interviews this week. “That arbitration is no longer an arbitration if there’s only one party. So, it’s no longer available to us,” said Marcos in an interview with entertainment host Boy Abunda on Tuesday, January 25.

Saying that the option of war “must be dismissed outright,” Marcos said “bilateral agreement is what we are left with.”

The Philippines and China have been having bilateral talks even as tensions rise in the West Philippine Sea. It has done little to deter China’s creeping expansion and continued incursions in Philippine waters. In April last year, Chinese vessels swarmed and lingered around Julian Felipe Reef (Whitsun Reef) in the West Philippine Sea, ignoring Philippine demands to leave the country’s waters and instead move to nearby features.