mandag 3. januar 2022

Hong Kong 'patriots only' lawmakers swear loyalty oath

Lawmakers in Hong Kong's new "patriots only" legislature swore oaths of allegiance on Monday as it sat for the first time following a new selection process that barred the city's traditional democracy opposition. In a ceremony laden with symbolism reflecting Hong Kong's new political realities, 90 lawmakers took their oaths in the chamber where the city's traditional emblem had been replaced by China's.

The loyalty oaths were overseen by city leader Carrie Lam whose administration no longer needs to face any meaningful opposition from a once boisterous legislature now stacked with loyalists for the next four years. China has remoulded Hong Kong in its own authoritarian image after huge and sometimes violent democracy protests swept the financial hub in 2019. A national security law has criminalised much dissent while new laws were passed to purge from public office anyone deemed unpatriotic.