mandag 3. januar 2022

China: Why some think 'small eyes' are not beautiful

"Do I not deserve to be Chinese just because I have small eyes?"

That is what Chinese model Cai Niangniang wrote in a recent impassioned social media post, after old pictures of her went viral for all the wrong reasons. For several days she had been attacked online for being "deliberately offensive" and "unpatriotic", over a series of advertisements she had appeared in for Chinese snack brand Three Squirrels. Her apparent crime? Having narrow eyes.

Some social media users were so outraged that the company eventually removed the ads online, and apologised for making people "feel uncomfortable" over them. But Ms Cai said that she did not know what she had done to get cyber-bullied, noting that she was "just doing my job" as a model.

"My looks were given to me by my parents," the 28-year-old wrote on the Twitter-like platform Weibo. "Have I insulted China the day I was born just because of how I look?"