torsdag 20. januar 2022

China Residents Rebel Against COVID Lockdown, Take to the Streets in Video

Residents in northwest China succeeded in ending their month-long lockdown after a rare neighborhood protest forced a change in policy. Now deleted footage that emerged on China's main social media service, Weibo, showed dozens of people demonstrating inside a residential area in Xi'an's Yanta district in Shaanxi province. The city of 13 million people was placed under a full lockdown on December 23, but the neighborhood in question had already been quarantined a week earlier. The indefinite lockdown was causing distress and affecting their livelihoods, the neighbors shouted.

The protesters appeared to come to blows after police officers arrived to manage the crowd, with a number of residents apparently pinned to the ground. The local public security bureau reported no arrests resulting from the "mass incident," a term the Chinese government uses for instances of civil disobedience.