lørdag 29. januar 2022

As Bangkok reopens to tourists, here's what it's like to visit now

Prior to the pandemic, Thailand welcomed millions of international travelers each month, the bulk of them beginning their vacations in the capital, Bangkok. The city's biggest international airport, Suvarmabhumi, was constantly abuzz with movement; travelers arriving from all corners of the globe at all hours, long lines snaking through the cavernous arrival hall as incoming passengers awaited their turn at the immigration counters. 

Today, as the country attempts to balance fears of Covid-19 with the need to restart the tourism economy, Suvarnabhumi remains eerily quiet. In a country where tourism contributes around 20% of the GDP, the absence of tourists has been devastating, forcing tourism-related businesses throughout the country -- Bangkok included -- to close. Thailand tourism officials are now hoping they can entice travelers to rediscover one of the world's favorite cities.